Sugar Loaf Wool
Contact: Ed and Sue James
Address: 233 Lower Willow Creek Rd Hall , MT, 59837
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Phone: 406-490-2279
About Us
Sugar Loaf Wool uses pilllow ticking is 100% cotton.

Queen sized: Firm side or back sleeper, Medium back or side sleeper, Soft for back and stomach sleeper.

Travel Pillows: 18" By12" Firm, Medium and Soft. Travel: pillow cases

Wool Batting: 58" By 98" 3# about 2" thick uses: Comforters, pillows, mattress pads.
1 1/2# 3/4" thick( Used for hand quilting and machine quilting )
Dryer balls: Set of three (base ball sized) Cuts static and keeps close seperated reducing drying time.
Wool is scoured in two hot water washes dawn dishwashing liquid and 3rd wash is Shaklee Basic H . Wool is rinsed and dried. No carding oil is used.
We uses Montana Wool to make Pillow. Suffolk wool, Down Breed which doen't compact eaisly.
PRODUCT CARE: Wash pillow every 6 months or when limp.
TOP LOAD WASHER: Fill with warm water. Dissolve Soap, then submerge pillow under the water. Soak 15 minutes. (Turn off machine to avoid accidental agitation). Spin out water, repeat to rinse. Do not agitate or bleach. Agitation felts wool and bleach dissolves wool fibers. LINE DRY.
FRONY LOAD WASHER: Insert pillows and add laundry to make a tightly packed load. Use hand wash cycle, warm water. LINE DRY or insert shelf into dryer. Place pillow on the shelf so air circulates around the pillow. Do not tumble.
Hand wash small items. LINE DRY.