Big Sky Herbs
Contact: Lori Elliott
Address: 11735 Mallard Ct. Missoula, MT, 50808
Email Address:
Phone: 406-529-3714
About Us
We grow over 130 sustainable herbs in 3/4 of our 1 acre front "yarden" that we sell fresh and hand dried, hand crushed and hand crafted herbs in innovative arrangements, blends and teas. We also offer u-pick tour appointments, classes, Volunteer Learning sessions, student and non student internships. Inspired by gardening first, 99% our products have only our sustainable herbs within. We do most research and teaching January- March, then it’s outside to practice what we learn and share with others. Our website tells the story along with updates on a weekly basis (it might get a little sketchy at the height of the growing season). You can see studies on our learning blog site: or learn more about us on our regular website: (9 pages - a big deal for us dirt heads). We’d love to hear from you with questions, comments and reviews!
We are constantly learning and applying sustainable and permaculture practices to help our environment and community and make better healthy food. Our newly acquired property had just grass and scattered fir trees. It was set up to be a U pick working garden. Instead of Certified Organic, we chose to go a little further by being involved with Home Grown- Montana Sustainable Growers Union.We've learned so much from each of the farmers and continue by being involved with permaculture groups and forums, Local Harvest, UM EVST professors and students focusing on NW environments.