Ge and My Fresh Produce
Contact: Ge Moua and My Thao Moua
Address: 16650 Foxhill Drive Frenchtown, MT, 59834
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Phone: 406-546-7927
About Us
(Notice: We Accept WIC and senior citizen coupons)
Hello! Glad to see you here. We are gardeners selling locally grown vegetables and starters from Frenchtown, MT, about 22 minutes from Missoula. So if you’d like to start your own garden or you’d rather buy the vegetable itself, we got your back.

Our garden roots are set deep within two important people, Ge and My. Both are hard working Hmong immigrant parents who began selling their produce in 1996 in Missoula as means to support their family.

My was born into a gardening family when she lived in Laos, and has had immense love for gardening all of her life. Since coming to America, her and husband, Ge, invested heavily in buying 6 acres of land in Frenchtown to work full time in gardening. My has 60+ years of extensive experience in producing a wealth of vegetables, all with Ge as her side kick. Because of these efforts, Ge and My have been able to support themselves and their children in high school to college. We pride ourselves in our vegetables and plants because we know Ge and My always put their expertise into raising them. We just hope you can enjoy them too!
Our land is based in Frenchtown, MT in a quiet neighborhood. Often you will hear the neighbor’s sheep and cows mooing. When we purchased our land it was previously owned by horse farmers so our soil is naturally very rich in fertilizer. We irrigate our garden using a running ditch right by the garden.

Only family members, Ge, My and daughter, Gold, work on the garden. We all thoroughly wash the produce at a wash station by the garden. Our produce is picked the Thursday and Friday following the Saturday market so they’re as fresh as possible.