Bates Beanery
Contact: Hope Bates and Leonora Conley
Address: 115 Platypus Missoula, MT, 59803
Email Address:
Phone: 803-292-8535
About Us
Leonora was born and raised on the Blackfoot River where her Italian mom would make her cafe lattes as a child. This is where her love for coffee began. As she grew up, her family moved all around the country and she started "officially" roasting coffee in 2000 at her cousin's coffee shop in Georgia. When she returned to Missoula in 2013, she brought her BFF from South Carolina (Hope) and her sonofresco roaster. Soon they started roasting and selling coffee at farmers’ markets around Missoula using their cottage food certificate. We love roasting the best fresh organic coffee, JUST FOR YOU in the South Hills of Missoula!
We roast small batches of coffee, one pound at a time. This gives us the ability to make custom blends or single origin special orders. We always select top quality organic green coffee beans because chemicals are bad for people and the environment, plus it tastes amazing! When possible, we choose shade-grown coffee because we believe it's important to support responsible agricultural practices. Several of the beans we roast are part of the Café Femenino program that directly contributes to women coffee farmers all over the world. We are just two gals roasting coffee and we miss seeing our customers at the market, so keep in touch because we are thinking about you!