406Farmsteads: Highland Natural Produce, Grogan's West Acres, Johnson's Homegrown (SNAP)
Contact: Ka & Longg Moua, Cua & Kyle Grogan, Chuad and Jesse Johnson
City: Missoula, MT, 59804
Email Address:
Phone: 406-239-6734
About Us
Please go to to learn more about our family farm. We have been farming and selling at local Missoula, Helena, Seeley Lake, Darby, and Frenchtown farmers markets for the last 30+ years.

THANK YOU for supporting 406 Farmsteads and your local farmers. We are grateful for you.

Per state rules, we can accept WIC & Senior Program Coupons at our farm-stands only. We accept Snap & Double Snap online or at our stands.

With gratitude,

406 Farmsteads Family:
Ka, Longg, Haua Moua
Jesse and Chuad Johnson
Kyle & Cua Grogan